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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hello 3rd of Enero!

Third of January.  It has been a very food packed weekend which lead to me drowsing for two days.  Forgive me for being lazy :).  

Thank God for this day.  For giving us the opportunity to enjoy photography in it's fullness.  For providing us ambient or natural light.  And most of all, for good health.

Since this is the 3rd of Enero, let's discuss this basic rule of photography known as the "Rule of Thirds".  This rule has something to do with the framing of the subject.  Most of the time a trigger happy point & shoot birthday shooter composes a photo by positioning the subject in the middle of the frame.  Good huh.  Instinct.  Gets boring though, nothing unusual.  Rule of thirds will make a difference.  This works by dividing the frame into 3 equal parts vertically and horizontally.  The eyes are drawn into the intersections of these imaginary lines.  So, by positioning your subject in one of the intersections will make the photo more interesting.

This rule also applies in Landscape photography.  By positioning the horizon of the landscape along the upper or lower third of the frame, will define space and orientation.

To better illustrate the Rule of Thirds, let me show you some sample photos I've taken.  (I've realized why create a blog about photography without using photos for illustration...).  I will be showing these sample photos in my next post.

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