Friday, February 10, 2012

Blessings, Hello Mckenzie Hael

It's weekend here (Friday & Sat).  Started the day by watching some podcasts at ITunes U photography catalogue.  Watched Nat Geo Live photography and was inspired.  Checked my twitter account and sent messages to my longtime friends.  Brainstormed with them on creating a blog showcasing various inspiring topics or experiences.  Through this, caught up with my friend Rye.  Now, we're waiting for the ladies to come up with a catchy relaxing name for the blog.

Blessings come in different forms.  It may be like you getting promoted or you passing an exam, be it like an academic one or a driving exam.  Being healthy is considered a blessing.  But for our couple friends Myk & Myrtle, having a baby is one of the best miracles of life.  Just recently, Myrtle gave birth to a healthy baby girl named Mckenzie Hael.  Happy for both of them.  Such wonder of being human is very much celebrated.  Congratulations to you guys.  Thank you God.  Welcome to our world Mckenzie, can't wait to see you soon.

As Rye and I exchanged ideas and some short stories about what happened for the past few months.  We decided to push through with the blog writing/posting idea.  I thank God for being blessed with lots of friends.   Though sometimes we tend to get busy with our own lives, we just really need some time to catchup with each other. in order to fill that space between us  Have a coffee or tea.  Chat.  Just like the old days.  Now, with this new idea, I hope we can keep each other updated/inspired or simply informed of whatever is happening around us.

Then, by lunchtime, Monet and I went to DFC for a fun trip.  Just wanted to test the portability of my new ThinkTank Airstream bag.  We decided to take bus 53 to see how comfortable it would be if I'm going to travel with this bag.  And everything went well.  Then we had lunch at an Italian restaurant, Carinos (used my RakBank bling card again for a free main course, thanks :)).  Here are some snaps I took.  Cheers!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Journey to GPP

Just got back from Gulf Photo Plus office in Al Quoz. It's a nice place to go to or stay for few hours. Lot's of photography books are available there and for almost same price as the US price. Preparing for Flashbus Workshop with David and Joe. Also booked for another workshop day from GPP. They call it Photo Friday. Thanks to Mel for reserving me a copy of Joe's new book, Sketching Light, which I'll pickup on the same day as the flashbus workshop.

Thanks God for this wonderful day that I have been to GPP. And also for giving me the strength to recover and to be able to travel to the said office.

A chinese proverb says that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. I guess I may say that with regards to photography, this is going to be part of my biggest single step. Seeing Joe Mcnally and be able to have a chance to ask him things about flash in person will not only educate but will inspire me to do crazy lighting stuffs.


Monday, January 30, 2012

Think Big...Think Tank

Hello guys. Last weekend was a relaxing one. Me finally taking courage to lift some of my camera gears after a month of recovery. Everything's fine. And again I would like to thank my ever supportive wife for a new roller bag from Think Tank Photo. The Airport AirStream (

This bag is very nice. Compact and very much secured. It offers lots of security features aside from the fact that it will save your back from pain brought by a carrying all those gears with you. I am very much satisfied with this bag. It's so spacious that it accommodates my 2 Sb900s, camera body with 70-200 lens plus four more lenses, a tripod and more accessories. This bag comes with a special coat that you can cover it as protection from rain. The coat folds easily with its case.

Thank God for all this advances in technology that we enjoy this journey in a more comfy way.

Aside from the excitement and happiness brought by this bag, I am very much looking forward for March 10. The Big Day. Joe Mcnally and David Hobby Day. Excitement lives on...

Friday, January 27, 2012

Far Away From Home

It has been a while since my last post. Have been so busy fixing stuffs. Currently I am back abroad. Have adjusted after a week of jet lag and arranging things from my not so happy baggage (got used to a more than a month long vacation).

Thank God for this wonderful week and also thank Him for another good year with Monet (it's her bday). I am grateful for having someone like her (hope this is enough for a D4, just kidding). I am also thankful for having such supportive families.

Just want to tell you guys that finally I'll have a chance to see Joe "Numnuts" Mcnally face to face with David Hobby on March (thanks Monet for the workshop ticket).

They are going to bring their Flashbus tour here. I'm just not sure if this workshop will be on a bus or in a classroom. Either way I'm so looking forward to meet them in person. Yebbah. This means I need to get ready with a good marker for my books to be signed. So excited.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Yebbah, Nikon D4 is Out!!!

Nikon D4 is out. Nice. This for sure made every Nikonian smile. With all the technology advancements, this body surely is equipped with new features to explore. One sure thing I've read from various reviews is that it uses the new memory card format - XQD.

I've heard about it's release from my idol, Joe "Numnuts" Mcnally. Here's the link to his website/blog, Subscribe and learn lots of things from him. Nikonians will surely enjoy the way he uses Nikon CLS (Creative Lighting System) to light various subjects. The way he discusses it also is excellent and funny. For me, it feels like talking to a friend. Like a longtime friend, I feel like "Joe how am I supposed to use this brand new Nikon SB910 flash?" and the response you'll get is straight to the point but kinda delivered in a funny way. Which is a good thing because you don't get scared to know more and you keep on reading. Have read his books, The Moment It Clicks and The Hot Shoe Diaries, both I consider as best guides to lighting. I can't wait to grab a copy of his newly released one, the Sketching Light.

Going back to the new Nikon D4. FX format eh. Really nice. This will be included in my 2012 wishlist along with an SB910 and an Apple Macbook. Nice. Hope Monet will read this post before my birthday ;) (fingers crossed).

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

1/3 Rule Sample Photos...Incoming!

As promised, here are some photos I've taken where rule of thirds was applied. Enjoy ;)
Let me look for landscape photos where I've applied the Rule of Thirds...will be added here later. Cheers!