Friday, January 27, 2012

Far Away From Home

It has been a while since my last post. Have been so busy fixing stuffs. Currently I am back abroad. Have adjusted after a week of jet lag and arranging things from my not so happy baggage (got used to a more than a month long vacation).

Thank God for this wonderful week and also thank Him for another good year with Monet (it's her bday). I am grateful for having someone like her (hope this is enough for a D4, just kidding). I am also thankful for having such supportive families.

Just want to tell you guys that finally I'll have a chance to see Joe "Numnuts" Mcnally face to face with David Hobby on March (thanks Monet for the workshop ticket).

They are going to bring their Flashbus tour here. I'm just not sure if this workshop will be on a bus or in a classroom. Either way I'm so looking forward to meet them in person. Yebbah. This means I need to get ready with a good marker for my books to be signed. So excited.